Dundee to Montrose (Angus)
This route covers the following 9 stations:- Dundee, Broughty Ferry, Balmossie, Monifieth, Barry Links, Golf Street, Carnoustie, Arbroath and Montrose.You’ll see the seaside, golf courses, urban areas, farms, industrial estates, docks and agricultural
Payware Requirements:-

Just Trains SECML
Just Trains Bristol & Avonmouth
Just Trains Bristol & Exeter

RDSL Isline line (IOW)

Thomson Edinburgh to Glasgow
Totalize Media GARL
Portsmouth Direct

Phorum Peninsula (Project Platform) Withdrawn…

Freeware requirements :

UKTS Freeware Pack – Blocks-Lofts-Bridges #1

UKTS Freeware Pack – Clutter #1 –

UKTS Freeware Pack – Commercial #1 –

UKTS Freeware Pack – Foliage #1 –

UKTS Freeware Pack – Housing #1 –

UKTS Freeware Pack – Industrial #1 –

UKTS Freeware Pack – Railway Buildings #1

UKTS Freeware Pack – Terrain Textures #1 –

 Alternative link for UKTS packs can be found here –
Railworks Community Asset Project –
Cresston V4 OBv2 –

———————————————–Angus 2014Download here.

(This link now contains the route with all the patched files below)


Patch (19th Apr 2014)

If you have downloaded this route before today (19th Apr 2014) then you need to download this patch.

Patch includes fix for Flag_UK.bin and missing livestock files made by Andy.


Post TS2015 update – Thumbnail

For those who downloaded the route before 04/10/2014

(Click the picture to download)

Thanks to Mully for the picture


GPtech from UKTS site has uploaded a new track rule for the Kerrs miniature railway part of the Angus route. Description below.

A custom track rule to remove the dependancy on Phorum Penninsula’s track rule, which should mean that only rolling stock and scenery assets from PP would still be missing; easily swapped with RW Tools and has less of an impact than missing infrastructure.
The pointwork has been relaid to properly render the check rails, which could cause slight issues with stock already placed on the track–more in the enclosed ReadMe.


Download link here:-



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35 thoughts on “Route

  1. Hello Darren,
    I’ve installed the Aberdeen Angus route, but I’ve run into a little snag. I’ve gotten all the required downloads as stated in your list above. I’ve fired up the route with the first included scenario on the route and found that I have some missing equipment and/or reskins.

    Would it be possible for you to list the various Equipement/Repaints that are used in the scenarios so that I may track them down and install them??

    Thanks for your assistance.



    • Which scenario/s were you trying to load? Some are from here but a few are 3rd party developers who’ve made them and the readme documents may be on their pages somewhere.


  2. I haven’t checked them all, but I’m referring to the scenarios that downloaded with the route. I tried the first in the list, 6A65 Lafarge, run it through RW Tools and came up with this missing list:


    Have to head off to work, but I’ll check others later today.

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    • Thanks for the quick reply Rick.
      Lafarge is one of John Walsh’s Scenarios. The 158 is from mullys website

      here’ the list from the 3rd party page:-

      Payware Required:

      RSC Class 66 V2 Freightliner
      Class 158 from Steam
      East Coast Mainline Kings Cross to Peterborough
      West Coast Mail line via shap (for the PCA Hoppers)
      Freeware Required:
      158 Saltaire Reskin from Mullys Webs.
      East Coast Mainline HST Branding from Railworkers.

      If you have any more missing reskins then fire them through and I’ll see if they can be tracked down. If you don’t catch me here then I’ll be on the Facebook group.

      Thanks Rich and I hope you enjoy what’s on offer so far with the route. There will be an update sometime in the summer to Aberdeen possibly Dyce too if I get the assets on time, so hopefully I get that finished on time for everyone to have something to do during the holidays.


  3. Hi Darren,
    I’ve had a chance to check out some more scenarios. It seems like they are using a lot of outdated/unavailable equipment and skins. The Railworkers site mentioned previously is no longer up, so any references to those skins won’t be available.

    As I live in Canada and used to North American equipment, I have been researching British/European equipment in the last couple of weeks. A lot of it is unfamiliar to me, but I keep muddling away, trying to figure out what’s what!!

    For the Lafarge scenario, I’ve managed to find another EC skin and swapped it out using RW Tools and skins I’ve found in the sites listed in your posts. (Railworks Repaints, Mully, DPS). I haven’t had a chance to run the scenario yet, but I’ll get back to it later tonight.

    Have to run, time for work!!!



    • Thanks for narrowing down the issue Rick. I’ll have to see if the guy who runs that Railworkers site is down for good or just temporarily offline. I’ll also let John know his scenario might need a tweek to swap out the sins if they aren’t available anymore.


  4. Hi Darren
    I’ve swapped out what’s not available any more and I’ve run the included Lafarge scenario. Nice route BTW! ! I did notice some flying signals tho, after leaving the tunnel heading north to Montrose. I’ll check others and let you know how I make out.


    • A few folk hve had the floating signals at the tunnel and that’s fixed by reinstalling SECML from what I remember. I used that packs assets for around Dundee. Is the gantry on the Tay bridge missing as well or just the one at the tunnel?


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  6. I’ve got the SECML add-on and the route looks very good but was just wondering why it says I need to have Just Trains Bristol & Avonmouth, Bristol & Exeter under payware requirements?


  7. I am enjoying the aberdeen angus route but for some reason the hst in the last ride home will not move and i am directed into the dead end all the time


  8. hello Dazzharvey i am running some of the scenarios on aberdeen but am having problem finding the Abellip scotts rail class 170 DMSL/MSL/DMSL for even more little HST have not checked THE Kuju mtu version yet


    • Rosgar Scenarios are the team who compiled the 2 Scenarios you are asking about. You may want to join their facebook group or search the UKTS page to get part 2. As for the Abellio scotrail model. Thats not my reskin, but a few are kicking about on other groups. If you cant find it, its no big deal
      Just use RWTools to swap out for the standard scotrail model


  9. Hi, have downloaded the route and un zipped the RAR file which contains all the assets. However are the scenarios included anywhere or are they from 3rd party?


  10. Hi, have endeavoured to install this Route various times using the Alan Thompson Installer, opening up the RAR, ( which contains assets and No Content) and installing these directly into the Assets folder in Railworks. Clearing the cache file in TS and verifying the files. The result is the same every time there is no route in TS and I have all the additional requirements installed.

    Any advise and help on what I am doing incorrectly would be much appreciated.


    Doug R


    • I seem to have lost my ukts log in details and cannot seem to ping it for a new password. I have tried a few times with no success. I am contactable via the Caledonian Railworks facebook page or group. the only other way to contact me is via the coin channel on youtube


  11. Hi Dazza! I have tried to download this route but no joy! Do i need the various UKTS files or can i get away with just the various routes like secml and edinburgh glasgow etc.
    Welcome your feedback!


  12. You do need the various ukts files for the route to look the part. I feel 90% sure that you can get them on someone else’s website these days, if you dont have a ukts membership. I could be wrong though.


  13. Hi Dazz, I have enjoyed driving the route for a few months now and making a few scenarios for it, just wondered whether you had any plans to extend the scenery etc northwards to Aberdeen. If not, do you know anyone who has attempted this? Thanks Peter


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