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Caledonian Railworks Facebook Group page


railway-station-750x750Facebook Group page

2017-07-12Alan Thomson Simulation (YouTube Channel)


CHScenChris Horsfield Scenarios (Facebook Group)

Mully’s S.E.C.M.L.
Railworks Repaints


The Loco Shop



Elvas tower

6 thoughts on “Links

  1. Hi Dazz

    I’ve just installed the new ArmstrongPowerhouse Class 67 soundpack. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with your brilliant Class 67 Serco reskin and seems to delete all the existing sound for that reskin which is rather annoying. Do you have any plans to make this reskin compatible with the AP soundpack ? If not do you know what I would need to do in order to reinstate the sound for this reskin ?

    Keep up the good work.




    • Hi Pete.
      I Have never installed sound packs onto my system in the past as space was a premium on my drive at the time, so never really got around to doing out the whole AP sound pack thing.
      Currently, time is a premium for me now and not hard drive space. If I get a chance on my day to look into it then I will, but no promises as I am currently in my last few weeks at Uni and that take priority in my life just now. Also, thank you for the kind words about the repaints.


  2. Hi Dazz,
    I’ve downloaded your ScotRail HST 7 Cities reskin but having problems getting the install done properly. I’ve went into the download folder and gone through the sub folders to HST and copied the ‘APEP_Scotrail HST’ folder and pasted it into the Railworks, Kuju… HST folder. It’s after this that I cannot get the geo files to appear within the ‘APEP_Scotrail HST’ folder.
    I’m rather new to installing new reskins and would appreciate a more in depth, step by step guide if that’s possible?
    Many Thanks, Paul.


    • There is a bat file in that pack designed so when you double click it, then the .geopcdx files get moved for you. the location of the bat file is in the Read me document. provided in the download. Thanks for messaging. 🙂


      • Thanks for the reply but i’m still having no luck in getting the .geo files to appear. I’ve read the Read Me text file and it doesn’t help me to be honest. I don’t know if I am copying the correct folder/files into the Kuju folder that already exists in RailWorks. Then double clicking on the .bat file makes it do something and disappear but doesn’t produce the .geo files in the ‘APEP_Scotrail HST’ folder. And lastly I don’t know how you clear the Blueprints?? Sorry to be a pain, but if you get to see my email address i supplied to post this comment could you please email me a step by step guide to install this reskin, it would be much appreciated. Many Thanks, Paul


  3. Thanks for asking.
    I do have a facebook group dedicated for folk to ask.

    The readme file is my step by step guide to install. The only thing that I would ask is, Is your Armstrong Powerhouse HST MTU pack installed correctly? As that’s one way its not transferring the Geo files over correctly. As the bat file is a simple script that copy’s and pastes the geo files from the AP directory to the reskin directory. If its not serving its purpose then the geo files are not in the AP file to begin with.

    The reason that there are 2 versions is because one is for the default Kuju version (the one that comes when you buy the base game) and the Armstrong Powerhouse version (the enhancement pack bought from the Armstrong Powerhouse website). Also the FB group is a better medium to help as screenshots can be taken and also other folk can help whilst I am working. I work more than full time hours at the moment, so I’m not always available you see.

    If you don’t have Facebook then may I suggest reading the forums over on the UKTS site.

    There’s a wealth of knowledge on how to add all sorts of content into Train Simulator on there.


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