About Me

On St Andrews day 2011, I founded Caledonian Railworks.

Starting off with practising the art of route building. My first route (Lord Carmyllies Railway) never got released as it was broken.  That practice run in concert with other established developers advising me on techniques, legalities and so on, helped me get started work on Angus in 2012 and I then went on to do some re-skinning work, real world and fictional, in between the route build sessions.


Released April 2014

After releasing Angus in Spring 2014 I went on a re-skin odyssey, making quite a back catalogue for my portfolio.

The popularity of the Blogspot website grew enormously so I decided to make the WordPress site as part of my portfolio for last years coursework at Uni. This year I am learning Dreamweaver so hoping to master that and by late 2016 we may see a new website.

New year 2014/15 saw me extending the track in Angus somewhat, however I am currently in full time study again so only get to do any work on a part time basis. I do anticipate to be releasing the next portion of Angus up to Aberdeen  around the Spring/Summer of 2016.

The Inverness and Perth sections will also be done in due course. I have made a start on the stations but need time to fill in the rest.

White on Black map

White on Black map