Scotrail Inter7City

After today’s press releases of the 7 Cities livery at Brush Loughborough actually coming to the real world. I thought I’d update my conceptual one and bring it to the real world standard.

Version 2
Removed the Saltire on the nose, deepened the blue a tad, and added the new Inter7City logo. I also expanded the Scotrail logo slightly and positioned it slightly higher up, widened the yellow bands by the windows and rounded them off at the lights. Made the roof blue and added the correct numbering for all 54 Powercars that are heading Scotrails way. (Thanks to Steve Roberts for the number info).

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To download click here:-

Once again, thanks for visiting the site today and I wonder if the copycat gang will suddenly have their own version of this in a day or 2, just like the last 2 Scotrail HST’s?

Lets wait and see shall we?

Darren. 😉

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