Borders Railway Class 170 APEP

With the exciting new release of the Armstrong Powerhouse Class 170 Enhancement pack. I can now gladly release more up to date versions of my repaints.

The first to get such treatment is 170414 Borders Railway.  After initial screenshot posts, I was reminded to use the proper headlights by a few of you out there. 😉 don’t worry.. That’s been addressed as you can see by the shots below.

Included are a couple of quick drives depending on which end you would prefer to drive.

A huge thank you to RMills and the UKTS team for the use of their decals when originally making this, without their work and guidance this would not have been possible.

Next on the list of updates to the new standard will be the fictional Grand Central and then the British Transport Police 170407



To download this updated consist click the link below.

Once again, Thanks to all involved in the making of this and I would like to thank you all for visiting today.

Keep an eye out for the other repaints over the next couple of days. I shall probably do the Grand Central one 1st and the the BTP on Saturday.

Happy driving. 😀

Darren Harvey.

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