Rosgar Scenarios – Snacktime No 09 – Weston Wessex


To celebrate the completion of the Wessex fleet. Rosgar Scenarios have updated their Snacktime number 09 exclusively for Caledonian Railworks. As always, we will have this one for 2 weeks ahead of everywhere else, so enjoy this one on us.  🙂

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Rosgar Scenarios – Snacktime No 09 – Weston Wessex

A revised (and in some ways simplified) single scenario for TS2017 and the JT Bristol Exeter route.

All previous versions will now either go into the existing Retro Collection…. or be withdrawn!

Having just worked in on this train to Weston Super Mare your job is to take it back to Bristol where another driver will take over. This is a stopping service so you need to be on the ball with your station times. Do remember to prepare the cab first as well. This scenario now replaces any previous versions of this with one single rendition, however it is noted that the particular Class 150/2 default asset as used here (and needed by the reskins) is no longer available….
You are waiting for your departure at 13.29, as a late running HST will leave before you, but that must clear the single section ahead before you can go. The timings are a bit tight as already noted, so please don’t hang around any more than you have to!
Time 36 minutes approx


Enjoy the drive..

Rose and Gareth

Available to download from here:

Thanks for visiting once again and enjoy.

Darren Harvey.

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