Snacktime No 147 – Sleeper Surprise


Another exclusive for Caledonian Railworks from Rosgar Scenarios.

Today they bring us  –  Snacktime No 147 – Sleeper Surprise

A Snacktime scenario for Darren Harvey’s Aberdeen Angus freeware route available from:

Well this is a major surprise, train loco 47732 had failed at Aberdeen, but as it being still able to supply the ETH, then 33030 has been used up front for what was probably the only time a Class 33 ever worked the Caledonian Sleeper. This is IB16, is the 21:40 Aberdeen to Edinburgh portion on the 10th October 2000, and is a true event….Both other locos, the failed RES 47732 and the Dundee replacement (47790) also feature in this scenario.
We start at the platform at Montrose on this stage of the long journey South, it is intended that both of these engines will be removed at Dundee so the earlier you can get to there the better. So open those doors and lets get to work…
Around 40 minutes.

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Now available to download from here:-

Thanks to Rosgar for the exclusive release & to the rest of you all for your continued support.


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