Rosgar Scenarios Roaming Riviera


Another Rosgar Scenarios exclusive for Caledonian Railworks. Covering both the new Wessex units that were released for the Bank Holiday yesterday and today.

Roaming Riviera:

Although Wessex trains had ceased to exist by November 2006, having been absorbed into the expanded First Great Western franchise, due to a few stock re-allocations it was possible to see some still carrying their Wessex vinyls for some time later in various parts of the network. Eight of them had transferred to Arriva Wales, meanwhile the featured 150261 had remained with FGW. So for a good while it was still possible to see many of these vinyl units working for the different operators, hand in hand with the new upcoming liveries, which these units would of course eventually carry themselves.
Today we are working the regular FGW service (ironically from within Wales) from Cardiff to Taunton. We commence picking the train up outside Newport for our first stop on the Bristol leg. Prepare your cab ready , it should not be too very long before we get our signal into platform 4…..
Around 41 minutes for good drivers….

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Now available to download from here –

Thank you all for visiting the website and for your continued support.

Darren Harvey. 😀

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