Class 150254 – Almost a Wessex Express

Another fine scenario exclusive from Rosgar for the latest Wessex unit 150254 Weymouth and Portland

Almost a Wessex Express

A Scenario for the JT Western Mainlines with the latest Paignton and South Devon extensions.

Whilst recently in the area we saw this rather odd Pacer approaching Dawlish at a faster than normal speed. After seeking more info it was this working – non stop from Exeter to Newton Abbot and then all stops to Paignton. So this made this scenario a perfect excuse for an otherwise fictitious look back at the (just after) Wessex era on a less than perfect October lunchtime back in 2008.
Less usually perhaps? we are starting from Platform 6, please open your door for any last minute passengers on this fast to Newton Abbot train. The Pacer allocated for today failed earlier on depot, so you get this spare 150 today.
Around 45 minutes


Now available to download from here

Thanks to Rosgar for making the scenario and thanks to everyone else for visiting my site today.

Darren. đŸ™‚

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