Even more wee little HSTs

A bonus scenario for the original Aberdeen Angus (Dundee to Montrose) route brought to you from Rosgar Scenarios.

Utilising the latest of my repaints, the 7 Cities livery for the HST.

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Stock requirements are on the download page below.

Download from here: https://caledonianrailworks.wordpress.com/scenarios/3rd-party-scenarios-rosgar-others/


Would like to thank Rosgar and other developers for making use of my work and complimenting it with their own.

Also thanks for the continued support.

Darren. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Even more wee little HSTs

  1. Hi, I’ve tried to run this scenario but I get a load of missing marker errors at the start that aren’t in the list when I checked through the editor,I tried to edit it slightly but couldn’t get it to work.This is the only scenario on this route that I’ve had this issue with,any suggestions?


    • Thanks for getting in touch. All I can say is my version of the route may be slightly different from the one when this was made as I have done a bit of editing since that time. So I may not be of any use to you in this situation.
      Have you contacted Rosgar Scenarios on their Facebook or UKTS pages? As they were the team who created this scenario. Maybe they can be of assistance?


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