Scotrail 7 Cities Livery

Based on the Rail Engineer article from last week that reported on the new Scotrail HST’s and presented with albeit a conceptual livery.

I have done my best to recreate this from whatever imagery that I had available and took some creative turns for the coaches as they were not very legible at all.

A thread in the Facebook Caledonian Railworks (The Workshop) pages, speaks of my use of DXO viewpoint to get better views of what the coaches looked like.  I ended up guessing from a host of iconic landmark silhouettes from the Abellio Scotrail Corporate brochure and making a few of my own.

In the event that my guesses were wrong then I shall update the coaches accordingly, however due to the lack of any coach imagery until more press releases arrive, then we will have to make do with my guesswork. for now  😀

These come with a 4 coach & 5 coach Quickdrive & the usual loco thumbnail.

A version for the AP MTU pack will also be released later today.

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Now available to download from:

Corporate brochure:skyline-altered_0


Thanks for taking the time to read the article.

Enjoy 😀


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