Back to the beginning

I just bought the Class 67 sound pack. (About time a few of you may say). But being mostly Deaf, these packs were just not a priority for me, especially when I was a student and budgeting but now I can “see” other benefits of owning the packs, such as better texture maps and physics to name but a few.

I decided to give my very 1st reskin from 15th Nov 2013 a once over. The fictional Grand Central Class 67 – And I’m liking the difference in the shading of the textures. Expect more packs to be bought. Just bought the 66 pack, 91 pack and plan more in time.

Especially all the 150, 153, 156 & 158 DMUs I have done, l will have an AP version made for them in time. Plenty more to come.

For now here is the updated original, (I gave her a number now). and its AP counterpart.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can clearly see the difference between the 2.

These are now available to download from:


Coming soon:

RSC Serco 67 & JT Serco 67 – (completed and in testing phase)

Belmond 66 twin pack – (Preliminary)

Asda 66 – (Preliminary)

Thanks for visiting and keep up to date with new releases via the facebook like page.



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