Class 73 BR Blue E/D Pack

After a request from John Rossetti, I have transplanted the Class 73 Serco and the 73101 twin Pullman packs to work with the Class 73 that is included in the Dovetail Games BR Blue Diesel Electric pack.

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Now available from:

Thanks for visiting and Enjoy.

Dazz 😀

2 thoughts on “Class 73 BR Blue E/D Pack

  1. The readme.txt on the pullman pack has a typo in there. the folder tree has the engine folder in the instructions. this is incorrect as i used the BR blue engine folder as the cloned folder to use as a basis for the repaints. the actual address is

    RailWorks\Assets\DTG\BRBluePack02\RailVehicles\Diesel Electric\Class73\Class73_101_Argus
    RailWorks\Assets\DTG\BRBluePack02\RailVehicles\Diesel Electric\Class73\Class73_101_Alex

    So apologies for the typo 🙂 readmes been update for newcomers.


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