Class 73 Pullman twin pack

Today I am happy to present the Class 73 Pullman 73101 twin pack.. At a catch.


No hate mail please for something that I have clearly mentioned here.

A warped texture.20170106185657_1

Above is a screenshot from the problem I cant seem to correct. I also feel a decal may have been more noticeable than just leaving it ‘as is’.

There is a wee disclaimer about warped textures in the readme which I hope excuses me from what looks like bad work. I assure you I used a ruler in this case to be sure but when applying the textures to this model a weird warping occurs that is very similar to the warping which occurred in the SPT 334 (fake) that I made a while back, where I raised one of the stripes to compensate.

I’d still give it a download as it’s only really noticable from one side and still a good addition for TS.

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Download here: 

Thanks again everyone for your continued support.

Enjoy 😀

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