Class 170407 B.T.P. update

Just posted an update to the Class 170407 British Transport Police.

I firstly offer my apologies for the update being delayed but real life gets in the way sometimes.

Version 1b

Disclaimer:- This is about 99% accurate and may (still) be subject to change due to the decals clashing with one another.

Some users on lower graphic settings may experience one or some of the logos phasing in and out, this is due to me using a silly amount of decals (probably). I have a mid to lower end GPU at the moment, so I honestly don’t know how it will look in higher end systems. 1 thing to note is it looks good on a straight. On the curves not so much.


Corrected the Cab brow to the blue. added the doors white borders and the correct Scottish speech bubbles.Ā 


Quick drive and updated thumbnail added.


That typical TS moment when you test a unique livery, yet it spawns in another 2 on the Quick drive test. šŸ˜€

Quick drives are available with correct Destinations for Scotland and a loco thumbnail captured.

Thanks to the community – especially to RMills & the UKTS team who created the 170 decals – without their work this unit and a few others would not have been possible.

Download here :-Ā

Enjoy. šŸ™‚


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