Class 170407 – British Transport Police

Needed a break from the old route building so today brings us the new British transport Police Class 170407 livery.

Disclaimer:- This is about 90% accurate and may be subject to change as soon as I know what the speech bubbles actually say for the Scottish region. For now I have used the ones from the B.T.P. corporate brochure.
Also some users on lower graphic settings may experience one of the logos phasing in and out, this is due to me using a silly amount of decals (probably). I have a mid to lower end GPU at the moment, so I honestly don’t know how it will look in higher end systems.

This D.M.U. re-skin may be subject to updates and/or modifications in the near future but I thought it is just wasting away on my hard drive so may as well share it out until a newer, better version comes along.

For those ready to jump on everything that’s wrong with it – I’ll save you some time and energy. I already know.  As I say. In time this will get better, I’m just balancing what time I do have with paying off a student loan.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now available to download from :-

Thanks for downloading and enjoy 🙂

Darren Harvey.

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