Rosgar Scenearios Changing Face 27

Another Rosgar exclusive to Caledonian Railworks.

Changing Faces 27 – In the Summertime

A scenario for the Riviera Line.

Based on an earlier scenario, this now portrays a Summertime local service, which normally would be based on a Pacer unit (plus). However today the normal Pacer has been utilised to strengthen another Westbound service. But as very often this service loads as a 3 car combo, today you get a 150/2 and this colourful 153. Bet the guard still isn’t too happy about switching between the units though….
As soon as the London HST leaves be ready to follow in with your stock into the platform to form the 11.38 all stations service to Exeter. Open your doors as soon as you can, it’s a bit busy out there today so every second counts….
Around 74 minutes

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.Now available to download here:


Enjoy 😀

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