Conceptual Scotrail Class 43 HST V2

Happy Hogmany!

Had a wee bit extra time over the last couple of days so I finally got around to making the MK3 coaches for the class 43 Scotrail I made a few weeks ago.

Sorry to those who I promised this sooner too but real world stuff just keeps getting in the way.  But hey..  You at least now have the coaches you asked for 😀

Sadly no Buffet car in this one due to some weird glitch happening on the texture wrap but it’s ok. We Scots will probably be too plastered on Whiskey to even move out our seats. A trolley service is available.

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Available to download from here :-


Hope you enjoy this one. Thank you for your support over 2015 and all the best for Hogmanay and a Happy New Year to you all.

Darren Harvey


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