Class 170414 – Borders Railway Livery

Class 170414 – Borders Railway Livery

Today I sit listening to the dankest weather I’ve seen in June for a long time. However I have something that might brighten up everyone’s day.   I can proudly announce the re-skin that will probably be the cause of my early admittance to a residential home of some sort.

Behold the Class 170414 – Borders Railway Livery.  Took me some time to work out a few things for this one. It was one heck of a challenge but I did give it a go. Obviously, Without the initial class 170 decals made by the UKTS team for the Bullring 170, I would never have been able to create this, so a huge thanks to them for their contribution to the community.


It’s not 100% accurate because of the mirrored texturing but i used a few decals and a bit of symmetry to get it almost right. I would have added the seats sign on the doors but because decals are in their position on the model, had I added the seat sign then it would have stayed stationary when the doors opened and looked proper daft.  However maybe in the near future there may be an update with that corrected as I had a private mail from a friend who would like to attempt this dilemma. I wish him well with that as I know it’s beyond my capability.

This one’s for the Community.  🙂

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Available to download here:-

Once again, thanks to all involved and don’t forget to visit all the other pages in my sites. You might find something you like.

Enjoy 😀


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