Game Masters (Edinburgh)

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On Tuesday the 9th of December we all went for an adventure to see games past ‘n’ present at the Game Masters exhibition in the National Museum of Scotland.


Covering a range of games from the last 30-40 years over different systems and platforms, it really did have a little something for everyone.  Whether you are in dance corner strutting your stuff, reminiscing over games from more nostalgic times or having a jam on Guitar Hero, It is quite easy to find something for everyone.


During my time there I just had to delve into the games that I played as a young lad. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 was one of the 1st, Although the original Sonic was right next to it, I just had to play the slightly better of the 2 (My own personal opinion).


Also being of a P.C. Elitist these days I just had to get stuck right in to games such as Populous, Sim City 2000, Spore and Black and White, you would think that I have a bit of a god complex (I assure you that I’m a good citizen, Really). Then I look at my games I own in Origin and Steam then I realise I do seem like a bit of a megalomaniac.


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DMA Design, from Dundee from Grand Theft Auto fame were also there with some rare artwork and signed memorabilia, there was also a playable copy of Lemmings which took me back to my old Commodore Amiga days.

I enjoyed seeing these games and systems from the past. Shenmue on the Dreamcast was also there which is a highly underrated game but only because nobody bought the Dreamcast.  I also got stuck in with the new by also playing Angry Birds on a 50 inch touchscreen. It took a bit of convincing me to give up attacking those piggies.


You can see the full list of playable games here.

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