Snacktime No 137 – Avocet Afternoon


Today brings us another quality scenario from Rosgar Scenarios. Snacktime No 137 – Avocet Afternoon.

This is a pair of similar scenarios utilising the recent Exeter Avocet reskin released earlier this week.  20050307_636878219842286_560931879_o Back story:-

Despite the Wessex trains franchise having been absorbed into the FGW group, by 2008 the Wessex Vinyls were still a common sight in the South West. Take the local train this afternoon from Plymouth to Newton Abbot on this simple run. Formed of 4 coaches the service will split after arrival to cover the evening rush, and in the two variations supplied will comprise of either a 150/2 dual set, or as a mixed 150/1 and 150/2 combination. However be warned that unless you have the readily available modified 150/1 “fix” this (previously) favoured variation is a rather zippy pairing to say the least….
However no such issues occur in the 150/2 only version.
Pick up your passengers, departure is at 14:48 on a cloudy Summer afternoon, this scenario is based on the real services as run in this year’s timetable, with just a little extra to look out for.
Around 48 minutes

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Exeter Avocet

It’s been a while but I have a job these days and there’s only so many hours in the day. Plus I took a sabbatical due to some unscrupulous folk stealing my concepts, ideas and in some case complete repaints.  However,.. Now I am back and even stronger than before and accepting none of their bullshit excuses. (Pardon my French).

I Thought I’d wind up the remaining open projects I have left to do and today brings us the next one in the Wessex fleet – 150253 Exeter Avocet.

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Now available to download from here:-

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Class 66 AP-EP ASDA & BELMOND upgrades

I have done conversions for the Asda and Belmond twin pack versions for the latest Class 66 Enhancement pack that got released on Friday from Armstrong Powerhouse.

Sorry it took longer than anticipated but sometimes the real world gets in the way.

I hope you enjoy them. 🙂


All the updates are available from here:

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Even more wee little HSTs

A bonus scenario for the original Aberdeen Angus (Dundee to Montrose) route brought to you from Rosgar Scenarios.

Utilising the latest of my repaints, the 7 Cities livery for the HST.

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Stock requirements are on the download page below.

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Would like to thank Rosgar and other developers for making use of my work and complimenting it with their own.

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Darren. 🙂

Scotrail 7 Cities Livery

Based on the Rail Engineer article from last week that reported on the new Scotrail HST’s and presented with albeit a conceptual livery.

I have done my best to recreate this from whatever imagery that I had available and took some creative turns for the coaches as they were not very legible at all.

A thread in the Facebook Caledonian Railworks (The Workshop) pages, speaks of my use of DXO viewpoint to get better views of what the coaches looked like.  I ended up guessing from a host of iconic landmark silhouettes from the Abellio Scotrail Corporate brochure and making a few of my own.

In the event that my guesses were wrong then I shall update the coaches accordingly, however due to the lack of any coach imagery until more press releases arrive, then we will have to make do with my guesswork. for now  😀

These come with a 4 coach & 5 coach Quickdrive & the usual loco thumbnail.

A version for the AP MTU pack will also be released later today.

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Now available to download from:

Corporate brochure:skyline-altered_0


Thanks for taking the time to read the article.

Enjoy 😀