Snacktime No 147 – Sleeper Surprise


Another exclusive for Caledonian Railworks from Rosgar Scenarios.

Today they bring us  –  Snacktime No 147 – Sleeper Surprise

A Snacktime scenario for Darren Harvey’s Aberdeen Angus freeware route available from:

Well this is a major surprise, train loco 47732 had failed at Aberdeen, but as it being still able to supply the ETH, then 33030 has been used up front for what was probably the only time a Class 33 ever worked the Caledonian Sleeper. This is IB16, is the 21:40 Aberdeen to Edinburgh portion on the 10th October 2000, and is a true event….Both other locos, the failed RES 47732 and the Dundee replacement (47790) also feature in this scenario.
We start at the platform at Montrose on this stage of the long journey South, it is intended that both of these engines will be removed at Dundee so the earlier you can get to there the better. So open those doors and lets get to work…
Around 40 minutes.

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Now available to download from here:-

Thanks to Rosgar for the exclusive release & to the rest of you all for your continued support.



Rosgar Scenarios Roaming Riviera


Another Rosgar Scenarios exclusive for Caledonian Railworks. Covering both the new Wessex units that were released for the Bank Holiday yesterday and today.

Roaming Riviera:

Although Wessex trains had ceased to exist by November 2006, having been absorbed into the expanded First Great Western franchise, due to a few stock re-allocations it was possible to see some still carrying their Wessex vinyls for some time later in various parts of the network. Eight of them had transferred to Arriva Wales, meanwhile the featured 150261 had remained with FGW. So for a good while it was still possible to see many of these vinyl units working for the different operators, hand in hand with the new upcoming liveries, which these units would of course eventually carry themselves.
Today we are working the regular FGW service (ironically from within Wales) from Cardiff to Taunton. We commence picking the train up outside Newport for our first stop on the Bristol leg. Prepare your cab ready , it should not be too very long before we get our signal into platform 4…..
Around 41 minutes for good drivers….

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Now available to download from here –

Thank you all for visiting the website and for your continued support.

Darren Harvey. 😀

Wessex 150263 The Castles of Cornwall

I’m hoping you are having a great Bank Holiday folks. I sadly have to work later on today, but I did have a wee bit of time to make this bad boy.

Wessex Trains Class 150263 The Castles of Cornwall.

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This release means there are now only 2 more Wessex units left to do and I hope to have them out as soon as time allows me to.  Once I’ve completed them all, I may pop all of them into one handy pack with a bat file included to save copying over every single geo file.

Available to download here –

Once again thank you for visiting the site today. Your continued support keeps these pages going.

Darren Harvey. 😀

Wessex Trains 150261 The Riviera Flyer

Keeping busy with the job and the DIY work at home (doing the kitchen at the moment. Painting and ripping up the floor).

However, I had a day off today, so I thought I’d release this wee gem in time for the bank holiday tomorrow.

Wessex Trains 150261 The Riviera Flyer.

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Now available to download from –

Once again. Thank you for visiting the site and for the continued support.

Darren Harvey. 🙂

Class 150254 – Almost a Wessex Express

Another fine scenario exclusive from Rosgar for the latest Wessex unit 150254 Weymouth and Portland

Almost a Wessex Express

A Scenario for the JT Western Mainlines with the latest Paignton and South Devon extensions.

Whilst recently in the area we saw this rather odd Pacer approaching Dawlish at a faster than normal speed. After seeking more info it was this working – non stop from Exeter to Newton Abbot and then all stops to Paignton. So this made this scenario a perfect excuse for an otherwise fictitious look back at the (just after) Wessex era on a less than perfect October lunchtime back in 2008.
Less usually perhaps? we are starting from Platform 6, please open your door for any last minute passengers on this fast to Newton Abbot train. The Pacer allocated for today failed earlier on depot, so you get this spare 150 today.
Around 45 minutes


Now available to download from here

Thanks to Rosgar for making the scenario and thanks to everyone else for visiting my site today.

Darren. 🙂

Wessex 150254 Heart of the Heritage Coast

Another week – Another Wessex.

Bit of a horrible day up here and I have a day off for once so I thought I’d crack on reinstalling my Railworks as i have had a lot of errors happening lately and the reinstall seems to have sorted out a lot of the issues. So going to crack on with open ended projects as soon as I get the time to with Aberdeen extension running late I guess I’d better keep this brief.

Today brings us 150254 Weymouth and Portland. Heart of the Heritage coast.

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Now available from here:

Thank you for your continued support and I hope to bring the last 4 Wessex units to you all soon.


Snacktime No 137 – Avocet Afternoon


Today brings us another quality scenario from Rosgar Scenarios. Snacktime No 137 – Avocet Afternoon.

This is a pair of similar scenarios utilising the recent Exeter Avocet reskin released earlier this week.  20050307_636878219842286_560931879_o Back story:-

Despite the Wessex trains franchise having been absorbed into the FGW group, by 2008 the Wessex Vinyls were still a common sight in the South West. Take the local train this afternoon from Plymouth to Newton Abbot on this simple run. Formed of 4 coaches the service will split after arrival to cover the evening rush, and in the two variations supplied will comprise of either a 150/2 dual set, or as a mixed 150/1 and 150/2 combination. However be warned that unless you have the readily available modified 150/1 “fix” this (previously) favoured variation is a rather zippy pairing to say the least….
However no such issues occur in the 150/2 only version.
Pick up your passengers, departure is at 14:48 on a cloudy Summer afternoon, this scenario is based on the real services as run in this year’s timetable, with just a little extra to look out for.
Around 48 minutes

Now available to download from here


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