Angus Scenarios

A couple of quick updates today for the Angus route. The first being an amalgamation of all the Rosgar Scenarios for the Angus route in one file and the second is an upload of a scenario I made quite a while back as part of the Snacktime series competition.

Knickerbocker Glory Parts 1 & 2 are based on a real world situation that introduced me to the world of Rail. I had been on trains before but this was when I started to take an interest in them.

Snacktime Scenario TP05

Snacktime Scenario TP06

Rosgar Angus collection can be downloaded here

Knickerbocker Glory can be downloaded here

Other works in progress are more work on the Angus route and also sorry for being vague, but I am re-working the Wessex Alphaline 158s (158855 and 158860) from scratch so they look proper nice instead of doing just a skin transplant on them.  I just didn’t want to be posting photos up or giving you click bait without a timeline as I have been short on project time the last couple of weeks due to other commitments (Work).

More vagueness, but I also had a couple of crazy reskins half done, but I’ll leave those as a surprise for now. I don’t tend to discuss my upcoming plans publicly anymore as my ideas tend to be stolen or copied.

Once again folks, thanks for visiting my site and your continued support and I hope to have more for you soon.

Darren. 🙂



Class 150/2 Wessex Trains Fleet pack

Welcome to the weekend – It’s a Wessex Weekend.

I am extremely proud to present the Class 150/2 Wessex Trains Fleet pack for both Armstrong Powerhouse and Thomson versions of the Class 150/2.

Took me a day or two longer than originally planned, but I thought I’d update the Thomson/Oovee ones whilst I was doing the Armstrong Powerhouse ones. I also found a few of my earlier ones were in need of a bit of a tidy up, so I happily gave them a make-over too and now it gives me great pleasure to release them for the community in one big pack with a bat file included for easy installation.

So if you already have my previous Thomson ones, then I would recommend you download the pack and overwrite them, as you will be able to enjoy the updated textures that I did for them all.

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Included are the following Liveries:

150219 – Cotswolds
150221 – Portsmouth Harbour
150230 – The Tamar Kingfisher
150232 – The Coastal Connection
150233 – Looe Valley Skipper
150234(A) – National Trust – Cornwall
150234(B) – National Trust Devon
150236 – East Devon Heaven
150238 – Exeter – It’s a Capital city
150239 – Jurassic Coast
150240 – Visit Bath
150241 – The Tarka Belle
150242 – Visit Bristol
150243 – South Gloucestershire
150244 – The West Cornwall Experience
150246 – Somerset Coast
150247 – Southampton – Leading the South
150248 – Great Gardens of Cornwall
150249 – Visit Wiltshire
150251 – Celebrate Somerset
150253 – Exeter Avocet
150254 – Weymouth & Portland
150261 – The Riviera Flyer
150263 – The Castles of Cornwall
150265 – Falmouth Flyer
150266 – Whitley Wonder


Now available to download here:-

I would like to thank you all for your continued support for the duration of this massive project, all the beta testers and all the folk who have popped up screenshots into my Facebook Group

I hope to see your screenshots online in the various group pages.

Darren Harvey. 🙂

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 150280 Valley Lines

Another one whilst you all wait for the upcoming Wessex Pack.

Class 150280 – Valley Lines  (University of Glamorgan/Prifysgol Morgannwg) has now been converted to the new AP 150/2 standard.  I didn’t include this in the Wessex pack as I feel it would be the odd one out in the pack so decided to give this one its own solo outing.


Now available to download from

Thanks for popping by and enjoy

Darren Harvey.

Rosgar Scenarios – Snacktime No 09 – Weston Wessex


To celebrate the completion of the Wessex fleet. Rosgar Scenarios have updated their Snacktime number 09 exclusively for Caledonian Railworks. As always, we will have this one for 2 weeks ahead of everywhere else, so enjoy this one on us.  🙂

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Rosgar Scenarios – Snacktime No 09 – Weston Wessex

A revised (and in some ways simplified) single scenario for TS2017 and the JT Bristol Exeter route.

All previous versions will now either go into the existing Retro Collection…. or be withdrawn!

Having just worked in on this train to Weston Super Mare your job is to take it back to Bristol where another driver will take over. This is a stopping service so you need to be on the ball with your station times. Do remember to prepare the cab first as well. This scenario now replaces any previous versions of this with one single rendition, however it is noted that the particular Class 150/2 default asset as used here (and needed by the reskins) is no longer available….
You are waiting for your departure at 13.29, as a late running HST will leave before you, but that must clear the single section ahead before you can go. The timings are a bit tight as already noted, so please don’t hang around any more than you have to!
Time 36 minutes approx


Enjoy the drive..

Rose and Gareth

Available to download from here:

Thanks for visiting once again and enjoy.

Darren Harvey.

Wessex Trains Class 150266 The Whitley Wonder

I finally got there… The last Wessex 150 unit has now been completed. 150266 The Whitley Wonder is now ready to be released into the wild.

With 26 of them now published plus that 1 with the similar template design for the Class 150280 – Valley Lines – (University of Glamorgan/Prifysgol Morgannwg).

That now concludes the fleet being completed. In time I may pack them all up into one mega download and have a bat.exe file available for an easy of installation.

I would like to thank Rosgar for the bonus scenarios, John Walsh for the testing (Sometimes) 😉  and all the rest of you who have come here to download my work.

I shall be cracking on with other new projects in the meantime and if A.P. decide to change anything with regard to the current 150 set-up, whether it be folder tree etc, then I will try keep the Wessex pack up to date with that. Until that day I’m assuming it’s business as normal for the Class 150.

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Now available to download here:-

What project will I start next? As I still have quite a few reskins up my sleeve yet.  😉

Thank you all for your continued support and I hope to have some of those aforementioned reskins out soon.

All the best.

Darren Harvey